Harvard Forced Out by Administration

This from today’s (occasionally) Daily D:

Andy Harvard, director of the Outdoor Programs Office, stepped down on Friday, according to an e-mail sent by acting Dean of Student Life Joe Cassidy. Several students and alumni associated with the Dartmouth Outing Club, however, said they were confused about the suddenness of Harvard’s departure and believed that Harvard likely did not step down voluntarily.

Perhaps the most inadvertently hilarious claim was that “Palmer and Polashenski said many members of the DOC were “shocked” by Harvard’s departure and upset by the secretiveness surrounding the resignation.” This from a segment of campus known for its opacity in things like selecting croo members and spreaders of goodwill. Nonetheless, the question is still out there: why was Harvard forced out? Especially when 76% of DOC members wrote to Dean Crady expressing their support for him.

P.S. See the comments for more from DOC insiders. Also, if anyone knows the precise reasons for his dismissal, blitz me.

P.P.S. Here is Davenport‘s Op-Ed, and a pdf of Polashenski‘s letter.