Hanover: New Arts Center is Hideous

The Valley News ran a story today on the College’s new Visual Arts Center. Construction on the building is scheduled to begin in the Fall of 2009. The building’s location—southeast of the Hopkins Center—was chosen specifically to give a more grandiose southern entrance to Dartmouth. The project is not without controversy, as residents (quite rightly) fear that the new arts building will be as aesthetically disturbing as the Hopkins Center.

College officials’ upbeat presentation yesterday was a sharp contrast with the negative reviews from members of a Hanover community group the college convenes to discuss potentially sensitive matters.

“I can’t be very tactful about it,” said Marilyn “Willy” Black, a former selectwoman and current town moderator who sits on the Dartmouth Liaison Committee. “I just think it’s hideous.”

She and other members of the committee said the building’s design was panned at a recent session with college officials.

“It doesn’t tend to generate a neutral reaction,” said Town Manager Julia Griffin, who said she’s not yet decided what she thinks of the design, which she said makes “a big, bold statement.”

The whole story, here.