Haldeman, Denying Allegations, Steps Down as Putnam CEO

Two days after Dartmouth’s Association of Alumni results were announced, Dartmouth’s Board Chair Ed Haldeman told reporters in a June 12th teleconference that he will be stepping down as Putnam Investment’s CEO. Putnam Investments is a mutual funds firm based in Boston. During the media teleconference, Haldeman “insisted that the move has nothing to do with an allegation, put forward recently by a Putnam whistleblower, that Haldeman had known about the market-timing activity that had occurred years ago.” Readers of The Dartmouth Review may recall our coverage of this sordid affair some months ago.

Market-timing at Putnam, which constitutes fraud, occurred as late as 2003. Haldeman joined Putnam in the fall of 2002 as the head of investments. In the wake of Putnam’s market-timing scandal, which made headlines in 2003, Haldeman replaced then-CEO Larry Lasser as the company’s CEO in November, 2003.

Those who know the former CEO suggest that Haldeman will land on his feet after this stumble; we at The Dartmouth Review offer former-CEO Haldeman our best wishes.