Haldeman: Conflicting Reports?

The Daily Dartmouth finally got around to reporting yesterday that Dartmouth’s Board Chair Ed Haldeman will be stepping down from his post as Putnam Investment’s CEO and President—dartlog readers may recall our coverage of this event here several days ago.

Haldeman will now be the chair of the company’s mutual fund unit. According to Haldeman, as reported in the Daily Dartmouth, “This transition has been anticipated for a very long period of time.”

Specifically, according to the Daily D’s article, this transition has been anticipated for nearly two years. According to the Daily D: “Plans for Haldeman to step down began in fall 2006 when the Power Financial Corporation began negotiations to acquire Putnam.”

However, according to the Boston Globe (June 13, 2008), as of this past spring, such a transition was not in the cards for the former CEO: “In May [2008], Haldeman disclosed that Power Financial had extended his contract at least through 2010, which a spokeswoman said at the time would keep him in the roles of chief executive and president.”

Perhaps the editors at the Daily D should be forgiven; it may be they don’t read the Boston Globe, sticking to the forwarded press releases from the Dartmouth administration instead.