Greeks and programming

Another event I had no idea my fraternity was sponsoring. I’m the Vice President of Alpha Chi, a small house of about a dozen brothers a class, and we foot the bill for all sorts of non-alcoholic programming events that our Brothers have no intention of attending. What social options would there be at Dartmouth without Greek hospitality and dollars?

>Date: 16 Apr 2003 15:49:21 EDT

>From: Aires

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>Subject: Aires and X.ado TONIGHT!

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Tonight at 11:30

Alpha Xi

X.ADO – Bringing the Dartmouth Community closer to the Lord.

AIRES- Bringing the Dartmouth Community closer to rutabaga, and other tragically underappreciated vegetables.

Two noble missions. One noble show.

Come check it out…or we will place a curse on all of your houses!


Co-sponsored by Bones Gate, Tri Delt, Alpha Chi, and Sigma Delt.