Gov. Buddy Roemer Announces Presidential Candidacy

Today at 11:45 AM at the Hanover Inn, former Governor of Louisiana and Member of Congress, Buddy Roemer, kicked off his campaign for President. With the slogan, “free to lead,” Roemer outlined his main goals: ending unfair trade, reforming the tax code, supporting small businesses, and reducing spending. As a candidate, Roemer swears he will refuse any donations over $100 from a single donor. Furthermore, he criticized special interest groups and claimed he will never take their “blood money,” as he seeks to release their stranglehold on Washington.

At 67-years-old, Roemer is one of the older candidates, but he assures that his age will only help him have a better understanding of what to do. For example, he claims that the biggest source of our debt problem, and the problem that nobody is paying attention to, is “unfair trade practices.” He somewhat failed to explain what he means by unfair trade though. He defended that he has been to China many times and that there he has seen unfair trade in the form of child labor, prison labor, and work without standards. Roemer continued to repeat, “ I am pro trade, but it has to be fair.” It will be interesting to see how he further defines his plan to make trade “fair” later on the campaign trail.

–Elizabeth Reynolds