Go See Julius Caesar

Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar is a play that lends itself to political statement. I’m sure my high school English teacher was not alone when, in the lead up to the Iraq War, he thought it an opportune time to teach this particular play. It came as no surprise then, when the Dartmouth Department of Theater announced they would be performing Julius Caesar this winter.

Yet, after seeing tonight’s show, I was pleased to find that director Jamie Horton decided to stage the play in a mostly straightforward manner—I don’t need anyone to browbeat me with what the significance of the play is, or should be; I’m perfectly happy teasing that out on my own. I’ll have more complete thoughts about the performance and the play itself in the next issue of the paper. For now, let me urge you all to go see it. The chief players are all adequate, and Wheaton Simis ’08 played Cassius beautifully. Also, the chances to see Shakespeare in Hanover are few and far between; one should jump at every opportunity.