Fresh Talent for Student Groups

Over the past two nights, I have seen three shows dedicated to “newbies,” giving a chance for the ’15s to shine alongside upperclassmen.  The newcomers to Sing Dynasty, Casual Thursdays, and Sheeba were all as equally impressive as older members.  The Class of 2015 has a wide range of strong talents, and it’s incredible to see how quickly they were able to perform with a group they’ve only been a part of for a couple weeks at most.  

The singers of Sing Dynasty performed in Fahey-McClane Lounge on Tuesday night, and each freshman had the opportunity to sing solo.  The theatrical energy and vocal prowess of these “Eaglets” and the obvious pride of the older Sings was a wonderful dynamic to witness.  The ’15s even put on a skit to commemorate being new, proud members of their a cappella family.  

I was happy to see the same camaraderie among the improv comedians of Casual Thursdays and Sheeba at their show last night at Sig Ep.  I’ve seen a lot of groups that do not trust underclassmen with performance time, but here at Dartmouth, it seems there is a trust and warm confidence in the abilities of the ’15s.  Even in Casual Thursdays, where the newcomers are challenged with creating comedy completely independently, the older members gave plenty of opportunities to showcase their young ones, and the show was a hit. 

When Sheeba performed later that evening, each freshman was introduced individually in a manner that happily reminded me of Spice Girls (there was Sassy Newbie, Luscious Newbie, Sexy Newbie, Diva Newbie, Fearless Newbie, and Funny Newbie).  The upperclassmen already had a visible bond with their ‘15s.  Watching the “newbies” dance flawlessly alongside more experienced members made me proud of my fellow freshmen and our school for allowing the ‘15s the chance to be as equally involved in the performance.

Dartmouth is a place where you earn opportunities to shine just by being a part of the community.  It’s amazing to see the ease of acceptance of freshman into student a cappella, improve comedy, and dance groups.  If you get a chance to see a fantastic performance and support the brand-new ‘15s, do it.  It’s a good feeling.  It’s quality and community in one place, and that’s what Dartmouth is all about.

 The Dog Days have their “Puppies” show this Sunday, and shows for the Rockapella’s “Pebbles,” the Decibelle’s “Babybelles,” and other student groups will be over the course of the next month.

-Meghan Hassett