FREE Rice and Beans!

Commentary from erstwhile Review editor Stefan Beck ’04:

“I don’t know why somebody hadn’t thought of it before: the
solution to starvation is free rice and beans! Leave it to
college kids.”

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Date: 23 Feb 2006 14:42:03 EST
From: Dartmouth Ends Hunger
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Subject: FREE Rice and Beans!
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(in conjunction with the More Than Medicine lecture series)
Dartmouth Ends Hunger
The Hyphen Lounge (Butterfield/Russell Sage)
We’ll be talking about hunger in Rwanda with a DMS student who
lived there during the genocide. And as always, free and tasty
rice and beans for all!

UPDATE: Sorry, correction — the above commentary was by J. Stethers White ’07, not Stefan Beck. Apologies for the confusion.