Former TDR Editor-in-Chief Smith ’09 on the Current Controversy

Over at Acculturated, former Review Editor-in-Chief Emily Smith ’09 has got a few thoughts on the firestorm that Andrew Lohse ’12 stirred up recently. Ms. Smith raises the primary objection that many people have with Lohse’s article and actions, namely: if things were so terrible, why didn’t he depledge? It’s a brief read, so pop on over. 

Full disclosure: Mr. Lohse briefly wrote for the Review during the fall of his freshman year, 2008. He left our staff to join The Dartmouth Free Press the next quarter, where he proceeded to write an article calling us all sorts of nasty things. Sometime thereafter, he left to write for the Independent and finally the D, making him perhaps the only person in the history of this college to write for all four campus publications. As a sidenote, you can see that he still lists us and Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity on his LinkedIn profile page.

Sterling C. Beard