Former Football Captain Charles Bay ’11 Playing for Team USA

Shortly after receiving his diploma, Indian captain and defensive end Charles Bay ’11 was selected as a member of the 2011 U.S. Men’s National Team for football. He joins 38 other players who will compete in games at Graz, Innsbruck and Vienna. Team USA will participate in the IFAF Senior World Championship, an eight-nation football tournament hosted every four years. In 2007, Team USA trumped Japan 23-20 in double overtime in Tokyo, Japan to win the tournament.

Bay has already helped Team USA swiftly defeat two opponents, Australia (61-0) and Germany (48-7). On Tuesday at 1 PM (ET), Team USA will look to take down unbeaten Mexico. Against Germany, Bay edged a 6-yard sack in the third quarter in front of 6,800 spectators. Bay appears in this video a few times, he’s wearing number 91.


Bay was selected first-team All Ivy in 2010 and won the 2010 Gordon P. Bennett Award for his high degree of performance, sportsmanship and character on the defensive end. He finished his Dartmouth career with 123 tackles, 23 tackles for a loss, 11 sacks, 5 forced fumbles and blocked 3 kicks.

Visit USA Football for more information and a complete roster. 

–David Rufful