Former Editor-in-Chief, et al Not Willing To Go Away Quietly

If you read the D this morning, you no doubt know that there’s a petition circulating to get a slate of petition candidates on the Association of Alumni executive committee ballot. Of particular note for at the Review was the inclusion of Emily-Esfahani Smith ’09, our former Editor-in-Chief, as candidate for secretary-treasurer.

This fact was buried at the end of the article, after a few paragraphs about how the lawsuit against the College–which held that the 2007 vote, which enlarged the Board’s size by a third and made all new seats College appointed, violated an 1891 agreement that half the seats would be alumni-elected–lost them the election (which is, of course, speculation from John Daukas Jr. ’84; it couldn’t be the huge effort behinds such things as Dartmouth Undying). A few paragraphs later it even singled out Mr. Noah Riner ’06 and reminded readers of his 2005 Convocation speech. The subtext would seem to be, “look out! The conservative Christians are coming to control the College!”

UPDATE: 1/12/2010

It appears that the petition collected enough signatures. Here’s hoping their campaigns are victorious as well.