For you beltway aficionados

You’ll be pleased to know that the Dean visit made the Hotline:

DEAN: Those Crazy College Campuses

AP’s Sneyd reports, A group of students who attended ex-Gov. Howard Dean’s (D-VT) 11/13 Dartmouth College appearance “unveiled Confederate flags as he was introduced.” The group of “about nine students” sat “with the flags draped across their shoulders throughout” the event, and “did not otherwise disrupt” Dean’s speech on higher education. “Fellow students and Dean campaign staffers” identified them as “conservative activists.”

Dean “did not acknowledge them or refer to controversy surrounding his recent remark that he wanted to attract voters with Confederate flags in their pickup trucks” (11/14). Still, “the action sent a murmur through the crowd” (Gold, Los Angeles Times, 11/14). Dean’s only comment: “Things happen on college campuses” (Wilgoren, New York Times, 11/14). Dean spokesperson Matthew Gardner “dismissed the incident as ‘a political trick'”: “It’s sad that whoever is behind this felt forced to resort to misrepresentation.”

Dean’s appearance “also was marked by posters around the Dartmouth campus bearing the Confederate flag image.” The posters “were identical” to posters printed by the Dean campaign, “except that they were against a backdrop of the Confederate flag and they said ‘sponsored by young Democrats'” (AP, 11/14). Young Dems Pres. Paul Heintz said they were a “hoax,” and neither Generation Dean nor the Young Dems were involved. Heintz: “Whoever is doing this is engaging in the most negative form of campaigning imaginable or participating in the most awful sort of prank” (Ourbuch, The Dartmouth, 11/13).