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>Date: 31 Mar 2003 18:19:34 EST

>From: Student Assembly


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Budget Cuts. New Administrators. Where your Money Goes. What about Dartmouth needs to be preserved? What aspects of Dartmouth should change?

With massive budget cuts this year and more budget cuts projected for the years that follow, it is important that the Dartmouth Community articulates its fundamental needs to the administration. More programs are likely to be cut, so it is up to us to dig deep and think about what is the essence of Dartmouth. Help us in our effort to shape and define Dartmouth’s future.

Please answer the following two questions and blitz them back to “Student Assembly” by April 9. Student Assembly will compile your responses and publish them to the school’s administrators.


1) What is your vision for Dartmouth College and is this the direction that you think the college is heading in?

2) In response to budget cuts and an always changing Dartmouth community: What aspects of Dartmouth should be preserved and what others should be changed?

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