Food Court Update

Overheard this evening in the grill line at Food Court.

Lame looking dude to FC guy working behind the grill: “Does the dressing in reubens have eggs in it?”
FC guy working behind the grill: “The dressing in reubens?”
Lame guy: “Yeah, you know, you’ve got the pastrami, the sauerkraut, and the dressing.”
FC guy: “No I don’t think it has eggs,” (checks the bottle) “nope, no eggs.”
Lame guy: “I know that the one you guys use doesn’t have eggs, but I mean the thousand island dressing out in the real world.”
FC guy: “Out in the real world? Are you allergic to eggs or something?’
Lame guy: “No, not allergic. I’m just going to Ireland, to visit my girlfriend, and I want to make her some ruebens.”

Before he eventually recieved his rueben which may or may not have contained egg products, the same lame guy was sighted taking the entire big pump bottle of ketchup from the condiments table and walking back in to the grill line.