Favored Method of Dissemination: Sidewalk Chalk

For those so inclined, there is extensive coverage of the Student Assembly Election in today’s Daily D. A front page story in today’s paper reports the result of an informal blitz poll. According to the poll, four of the five candidates are in a statistical dead heat for first place. The pool of respondents, however, is so laughably small as to make the poll all but meaningless.

One question left unasked by the paper is how information on voting method was broadcast to the student body. The source of information on where to vote was not put out by SA, but rather by the candidates themselves—or, in some cases, by the creative medium of sidewalk chalk. The Assembly’s website doesn’t even provide a link to the elections page. As a matter of fact, the top three items on the Assembly’s page are as follows: “SA report: Minority Professor Recruitment and Retention”, “Ivy Council Report”, and “Statement of Concern Regarding Journalistic Integrity in The Dartmouth”.

In an aside, there is a new Dartmouth blog put out by three members of the ’10 class, one of whom is a TDR staff member. To date, most of DartWire‘s entries have been interesting; I encourage you to look them up.