Fairbrothers’ Dismissal Sparks Controversy

Alumni, students, and faculty are protesting Professor Fairbrothers' abrupt dismissal.

Alumni, students, and faculty are protesting Professor Fairbrothers’ abrupt dismissal.

Last week, the Dartmouth Entrepreneurial Network (DEN) sent out an email to its undergraduate blitz list as well as to Dartmouth Alumni announcing that DEN Director and Tuck Professor Gregg Fairbrothers is being eliminated from both the Tuck faculty and from his role with DEN. According to the email, this dismissal was made for “political” reasons, rather than “performance related, disciplinary, or budgetary” ones. Confusingly, the email never articulates what these specific “political” reasons were, and then proceeds to paint the dismissal of Professor Fairbrothers as an oversight brought on by Dean Danos’ decision to leave Tuck, President Hanlon’s preoccupation with the College’s ongoing PR disaster, and the current lack of a full time Provost at the College. The DEN email asks readers to email and call President Hanlon and other high-level administrators and to sign a petition protesting Professor Fairbrothers’ dismissal.