Extract of what was Filed

For all you legal aficionados the following is the bare bones version of what was filed yesterday morning by the AoA:

1. Motion Conclusion:
The Association respectfully requests that the Court issue a preliminary injunction to preserve the status quo by preventing the College from seating additional charter trustees pending the resolution of this matter.

2. Petition Prayer for Relief:
The Association of Alumni of Dartmouth College respectfully prays for:
(a) a declaration of the Association’s right to choose one-half of Dartmouth’s non-ex officio trustees through the Association’s chosen selection process;
(b) an injunction (i) barring the College from adding charter trustees to its board, unless it seats an equal number of alumni trustees chosen by the Association, and (ii) requiring the College to continue seating alumni trustees chosen by the Association;
(c) an order that the College specifically perform its contractual obligations and promises by seating equal numbers of charter and alumni trustees chosen by the Association; and
(d) such other and further relief as the Court deems just.

Also, here it the Times’ brief roundup of the situation.