Expanding Gender Neutrality

Today’s Daily D reports yet again upon next year’s pilot Gender Neutral Housing program. In the article, it is alluded that the program was originally to be confined to the first floor of the new McLane dorm, but in a turn of events there will be Gender Neutral Housing rooms beyond this “programming floor” in several other locations, including: Thomas Hall, East Wheelock, the Fahey-McLane residential cluster, and the Maxwell and Channing Cox apartments. Says director of Undergraduate Housing, Rachel Class-Giguere, “Why not have options for people who don’t want to be part of a pilot program floor, for whom this is just about a roommate choice? Or, if gender identity is at play, maybe students don’t want to identify with a programming floor” (emphasis mine).

One foreseen problem with spreading these rooms throughout the campus is the difficulty of filling vacancies in the rooms when a roommate (or roommates) leaves for an off-term. For Class-Giguere, however, these concerns are trumped by the inherent advantages in the Gender Neutral Housing Program: “This plan makes sense, particularly for individuals whose biological sex and gender identity don’t correspond. We don’t want people staring and wondering ‘what bathroom are you using?’” No, we certainly wouldn’t.

Amongst other odd offspring from these politically correct pairings, one question in particular stands out: What is a gender neutral single?