Excuse the tardiness, but…

Clark brought up an interesting point about a week ago with his reference to baseball bats and the door locks. Should a random act of violence affect a door locking mechanism, what would happen? Would the door unlock? Surely not, as that would mean all one needs to enter a dorm is a pointy rock, allowing any militant Palestinian unfettered access to the precious Dartmouth Dormitory System.

But surely the doors wouldn�t seal themselves shut? Can you imagine returning home slightly intoxicated at 4 in the morning on a January Sunday to find you can�t get into your dorm? How many of us would give up and simply pass out in the snow?

On an unrelated note, did anyone else catch the letter from Ralph Allen Cohen �67 in Wednesday�s D? Apparently Professor/Mr. (he didn�t specify) Cohen taught freshman English at Duke and gave over a quarter of his students such high grades that even the students didn�t think they deserved the grades. Cohen�s concern, however, was not the state of grade inflation at elite American universities, quite the contrary: He was concerned that the students� grades were too low.