Even Dartmouth has Idiot Fans

Apparently even Dartmouth with its dwindling attendance in most sports (though hockey is bucking the trend with a large increase in attendance over the last 2 years) isn’t immune to idiotic sports fans. Last night the team was assessed two delay of game penalties as fans threw tennis balls after the 2nd and 3rd goals, not just the first like tradition calls for. Thankfully Princeton didn’t score on the ensuing power plays, but the fact remains the so-called “fans” could’ve cost Dartmouth a win.

The tennis ball tradition is one of the few sporting traditions we have left on campus. But you only do it after the first goal, because if you do it more than once the team takes a penalty. And if penalties keep happening year after year, then it will likely mean the end of yet another tradition because sooner or later it will cost Dartmouth a game, and the administration will have no choice but to ban the tennis balls.

Hopefully the idiots who decided they were bigger than the game will never attend another game all year, since they were likely part of the bandwagoners that always show up for the Princeton game (attendance thus far has been roughly 3000-3500 people per game, last night it was 4500). I somehow doubt we’ll get anywhere near that many when Boston College comes calling on Tuesday, despite them being ranked #1 in the nation.