Emmett M. Hogan, BMOC

Here’s a good article in The Daily Dartmouth on my speech yesterday. (Note the use of the word “adjudicatory” — not “adjudicable,” which, as I mentioned in my speech, is a non-existent word found only in the Student Handbook. Heh!) I would point out that FIRE has not enjoyed a victory in the courts against speech codes…yet. That will come in time. Also, alas, I did not say that the speech codes at UCLA and at Harvard University are “among the worst offenders.” Indeed, they are — sadly — quite typical, and it is for that reason that I chose to give them as examples.

Thanks to everyone who came; I was thrilled, especially, to see so many old faces. I hope that, if I didn’t convince, at least I provoked. And isn’t that what a liberal education is all about?