Electing a College Student to County Treasurer Proven a Mistake?

In an article in today’s Daily Dartmouth the County’s executive director, Julie Clough, stated in an interview that Vanessa Sievers ’10 has been remiss in fulfilling her duties as County Treasurer. She apparently did not invest $11 million that were sitting in a savings account accruing less than half a percent of interest, which could have been earning at least one and a half in a money market fund or upwards of two and a half percent if invested through some long-term plan. Apparently, the executive director also claims that Sievers had only shown up to her office three times in the five weeks prior to the interview. In her defense, Sievers attributes her delay to miscommunication and her absence to being available outside the office. Maybe her time in classes or fraternity basements is distracting, or maybe Obama’s coattails helped elect the wrong person this once.