EKT Damaged in Fire Saturday Night

Webster Avenue was abuzz this past Saturday night, though perhaps not for the expected reasons. While some of the row’s action was due to the expected revelers entering various fraternities, far more of it was concentrated at the far end, where the Epsilon Kappa Theta sorority house sits. As of 9:30 PM I noticed four fire trucks and multiple ambulances parked at the west end of Webster. Good thing there were, as the vehicles were responding to a fire at EKT. According to WCAX, who has the story, a rapidly spreading fire started on the second floor and would have reached the third if not for the quick response of Hanover’s fire team. As it stands, some of the second floor was damaged and sisters whose rooms are now uninhabitable are currently looking for temporary lodging. Although no cause has been discovered I was told by a source close to the victims that it was probably a light in a bathroom that burned out and caught fire. We can be thankful that the damage done was only material and nobody was hurt in the blaze.


picture courtesy of The Wikimedia Foundation


Ben Riley