Edward Gerson ’35 Profiled in WSJ for Alumni Column

Edward Gerson '35

Edward Gerson ’35

There is a great profile in the Wall Street Journal today about one-hundred-year-old Son of Dartmouth Edward Gerson ’35, who writes class notes in the Alumni Magazine for his year. Although he is only one of three surviving members of the class of 1935, Gerson remains committed to his updates. For the past thirteen years Gerson has penned these notes, which range from updates on peers to personal thoughts.

Gerson demonstrated his knack for wit after he mistakenly included two living classmates in a remembrance of those passed at their 70th reunion.

 “It was nice communicating with both of you from the great beyond,” he deadpanned, correcting the error six years after committing it. “If any of my other classmates who have died wishes to communicate with me, please feel free to do so, and I will write up your comments in my new section, titled ‘Revival.’ ”

Gerson’s commitment to his class notes despite a declining base of living classmates exhibits his devotion to the College. Read the article and see how “her spell on him remains.”