Early Reaction to the Trustee Election

Trustee-Elect Todd Zywicki ’88:

We made it quite clear that we had some concerns about how Dartmouth has been moving in recent years. I think it’s a very clear signal by the alumni as to what direction they believe the college should be moving.

Chris Bateman ’05: “Republicans win again”

Julia Bernstein ’07: “So what does those mean for the college? I’m honestly not sure yet…”

An anonymous ’02:

The election of two outsider candidates, and three in two years counting TJ Rodgers, should send a clear and unequivocal message to both the Board and, more importantly, the current administration

John Bruce ’69:

I don’t see good prospects for Dartmouth or other schools where the only possible answer to reform may need to come from trustees trying to micromanage day-to-day business, though. These will be interesting times in Hanover.

Roger Simon ’64:

In yet another indication of the growing influence of the blogosphere and the Internet in general, the primarily online campaigns of Peter Robinson and Todd Zywicki (sponsored on this blog and several others) for positions on the Dartmouth College Board of Trustees have apparently been victorious! This marks a sea change in the election of university trustees.

National Review‘s Katherine Lopez: “It looks like Peter Robinson should be having a victory party in the Dartmouth elections soon.”

Talk show host Hugh Hewitt:

The message the Robinson-Zywicki election sends is simple, and I think of much wider applicability than just Dartmouth: Colleges and universities are out of touch with large segments of their alums, and those alums do not like the policies and practices they read about at their alma maters.