Duplicitous D?

Staffers have come out of the woodwork to comment on the Student Assembly Presidential election (I didn’t know Joe or Stethers used a computer), and, to continue the discussion, I’d like to present some selections from three recent Daily Dartmouth endorsements.

Three years ago, the Daily D endorsed Michael Perry ’03, and, in the process, implicitly criticized the ‘outsider’ candidacy of Jamos Marton ’04:

While other candidates would misdirect their energies toward unworkable structural reforms to the Student Assembly, Perry would spend his time bringing about tangible improvements to student life…this is not the time for a radical structural overhaul, which would likely have a negative impact given the Assembly’s limited power.

The next year, however, it was Marton who was the ‘insider,’ and the Daily D changed its tune accordingly:

Janos Marton ’04, the incumbent candidate for president of the Student Assembly, should be reelected. His successful efforts to implement small, targeted improvements reflect an important piece of knowledge gained through experience: that the Assembly cannot effect major changes on campus…The broad goals and outsider attitude with which Brett Theisen ’05 is approaching this campaign are reminiscent of Marton’s previous platform. Last year Marton vowed “Read my lips: no new committees,” but to date the structure of the Assembly remains essentially unchanged.

Why then, this year, does the Daily D suddenly believe that outsider Paul Heintz ’06 can fundamentally alter the role of the Assembly?

In light of widespread apathy with regard to the Assembly, a charismatic candidate who will advocate for change provides the best solution. Therefore we endorse Paul Heintz ’06 for Student Body President…Heintz’s outsider status will provide the Assembly with the jolt that it needs. Student Assembly’s greatest failure is the lack of interest it inspires in the student body. Heintz has the spark and drive to overcome student apathy, wants to take charge and wants to rebuild the Assembly on the basis of greater campus inclusion…Furthermore, Heintz seems to have a grasp of “the vision thing.”

As I wrote last night, I’m voting for Noah Riner ’06, and, while I know many (include my colleagues) support Heintz, I’m wondering why the Daily D is among them.