Don’t Make Me Teach! I’m so Ashamed!

Venkatesan wrote the following to Dartblog:

I am not at all bitter about poor teaching evaluations. I am a currently a Fellow at one of the most reputed research (emphasize research) institutions in the country and I am the product of the educational system of the finest research (emphasize research) academic institutions in the country. I am very confident in my ability to teach as well and know that I will perform well where I am right now (which is undisclosed) because basically it offers a healthy environment for academic discussion, debate and personal and professional growth…

One obvious question: Why was someone who was so obviously enamored of the research ethic teaching Writing 5? The evidence keeps mounting that the College dumps its worst professors in the Writing Program.

P.S. Dartblog also has two other posts up about this fiasco, here and here.