Donna Strange

Listed in DND as of the Forsensic Union, Donna Strange urges:

>Date: 03 Mar 2003 21:29:53 EST

>From: Donna L. Strange

>Subject: Please Vote



A group of passionate high school students need you to vote for warrant articles 12, 13 and 14 on Tuesday March 4th!

The Hanover High Mission statement, approved by the School board, the staff and the representatives of the student body, says that it wants to improve the minds,

hearts and voices of their students. A debate class and team was created 3

years ago and has been funded through private grants and mostly by the parents

of the students involved. These funds have dried up, parents can’t afford to continue to pay for this program, and the students need support from the public so they can

spend time debating and not finding the money in order to debate. It is time

that Hanover pays its fair share to support a program that has the support of

over 60 students.

These students have spent the past year going to school board meetings, and working within the system to try to achieve their goals. THESE WARRANT ARTICLES ARE THE LAST CHANCE THESE STUDENTS HAVE TO ACHIEVE FUNDING FOR THEIR PROGRAM. Debate trains active citizens. Without your active participation, their voices could be silenced.

As residents of Hanover, you can go to the Richmond Middle School (which is connected to the high school) between 7am and 7pm and vote. All you need is a picture ID and proof that you are a Dartmouth student and you can register at the polls.

If you want more background or have any questions, please feel free to email Please spread the word to anyone who you know may be able to vote in Hanover or Norwich.