Divestment, Again

The Darfur Action Group is meeting today to protest Dartmouth’s investment in Sudan.

From: Darfur Action Group
Subject: DIVESTMENT: Dartmouth Decides Today
Date: May 26, 2005 3:23:19 PM EDT
To: Recipient list suppressed

4pm Faculty Lounge

The Khartoum regime in Sudan is a brutal dictatorship that has killed millions of its citizens, and continues to perpetrate genocide in Darfur. Revenues from oil companies, direct contracts with foreign firms, and imported products and services fund this genocide.

Dartmouth is currently invested in several of these companies, and could potentially expand these holdings or acquire stock in dozens of other complicit corporations. Do you think Dartmouth should continue investing in Sudan and funding the genocide? Should you have a say in what your tuition supports?

The ACIR has agreed to consider divestment.

Protect the moral and fiscal integrity of Dartmouth.
Help spark a nationwide divestment movement, and bring justice to Darfur.
Come make your voice heard.

MAY 26
4 PM
(Between the Top of the Hop
and Alumni Hall, above the HB’s)

The Advisory Committee on Investor Responsibility.