Divest Now

“While the Committee on Investor Responsibility will be able to make recommendations to both the College and the companies, it will not actually have the power to enact change in the College’s investment strategy.”

A committee with no actual power, how classically SA.

Anyway, the whole idea of a group to review the College’s investments is idiotic. All it will do is allow every annoying student group yet another forum in which to complain about how such and such company occasionally violates the habitat of the field mouse. Socially responsible investing is usually a sham anyways. Worldcom would passed the criteria of most socially responsible funds but how responsible was it in reality? Other companies that produce goods we need (such as pharamaceuticals) don’t pass muster simply because production of their products naturally produces more waste.

Anyways, I think a great idea would be socially irresponsible investing. Guns, alcohol, cigarettes, and heavy industrials. Plus the added fun of pissing a lot of annoying Greens off.