Dimensions Hijacked by “Silent Majority”

Apparently, a rogue group students interrupted the Dimensions show at FoCo. Chanting somewhat indiscernable phrases, they began to launch a long tirade against the College in front of nearly every prospective student. Perhaps they should have checked their privilege before interrupting a show that had been rehearsed by students for months? I kid, I kid, but still…fascinating.

I would like to point out that this is what Dean Johnson likes to term the ‘silent majority’ of students who are dissatisfied with certain aspects of Dartmouth. I will continue to disagree. This is an extremely vocal and extremely small minority that finds things to nitpick about the College on every side.

Do I believe sexual assault is evil and should be stamped out? Yes. Do I believe that crony capitalism is wrong? Yes. Do I believe that Dartmouth is not perfect? Yes.

Do I believe that the Greek system causes the vast majority of sexual assaults at Dartmouth and that banning it is a perfect panacea for nearly every issue? No. Do I believe that capitalism is inherently evil? No. Do I believe that these are legitimate points of view which were expressed in the appropriate way? No.

The following video, which seems related, was posted by Savage Video earlier, decrying Dartmouth for supposedly supporting racism, sexism, classism and capitalism. Unfortunately, despite what this video claims, your subjective view of the truth is not the truth. Far from it.

The Dartmouth Review looks forward to engaging in a logical, rational and calm debate about these issues if the other party agrees to those conditions and will defend these positions. We hope that it will turn out as our discussion with the Occupy Dartmouth movement did: a insightful look into the absurdity of these controversial positions.

–J.P. Harrington