Digital Dartmouth: sightings

  • “Dartmouth College officials today reported that the total return on the College’s endowment was 23.7 percent for the fiscal year that ended June 30, 2007. This includes a 24.3 percent return on the investment assets portion of the endowment, which represents about 97 percent of the total.” [Office of Public Affairs]
  • David Nachman: “The Board of Trustees is not around to merely rubber-stamp the administration’s goals and select a new president every decade. The Board should be actively thinking about the college – and making decisions, and the alumni should be thinking about the Board – and electing some of its members.” [Super Dartmouth]
  • John Bruce: “At this point, Dartmouth is close to being out of control. I hope some adults step in. The guy on whose watch this is happening is James Wright. He’s going to have to go at this point. I don’t see any alternative.” [In the Shadow of Mt. Hollywood]
  • A while ago, George Leef offered a view into T. J. Rodgers’s experience with board membership. [Phi Beta Cons]