— Forwarded message from Amit Anand —

Student Assembly Resolution to Endorse the Critical Review of Dartmouth Symbols Project

Sponsored by Amit Anand ’03, Natalie Walsh ’06, Ben Waters ’06, Mark Herman ’06, Jenna Krumminga ’06, Rene Moya ’06 and Student Life Committee

Whereas the continuing presence of the “Indian” symbol has a significant social, emotional and cultural impact on members of the Dartmouth community;

Whereas the Assembly has organized a week-long series of open discussions to address the use of the “Indian” symbol;

Whereas the Assembly supports the right of every member of the Dartmouth community to exercise the right of free speech within the constructs of the Principles of Community;

Whereas some members of the Dartmouth community have voluntarily sought to replace belongings with the Indian insignia;

Whereas the President’s Office has demonstrated a commitment to monetarily support the Critical Review of Dartmouth Symbols (CARDS) project;

Whereas Dartmouth has no official mascot and previous searches for a mascot have been inconclusive;

Whereas next year will mark the 30th anniversary of the Board of Trustees’ finding of the “use of the [Indian] symbol in any form to be inconsistent with present institutional and academic objectives of the College in advancing Native American education”;

Let it be resolved that the Assembly establishes a program facilitating the exchange of apparel and other items bearing the “Indian” symbol for comparable Dartmouth merchandise.

Let it be further resolved that the Assembly requests the President to monetarily support the said program.

Let it be finally resolved that the Assembly’s Student Life Committee start an intensive campaign to obtain suggestions, survey students and alumni, and submit a final proposal to the Board of Trustees for an official mascot before the end of Spring term.

Copies of the resolution shall be sent to the President and presented to the Dean of the College, the Director of Athletics and the Dean of Student Life.