Dean Langford E-Mails on Willis-Starbuck ’07

Date: 18 Jul 2005 12:28:00 EDT
From: Sylvia T. Langford
Subject: Sad News
To: (Recipient list suppressed)

Dear Members of the Dartmouth Community,

Many of you may have already heard this tragic news, but I thought you should be notified as members of the community.

I am writing to share the very sad news that Meleia Willis-Starbuck ’07 was shot and killed early Sunday morning in Berkeley, California, while chatting with friends outside her apartment. Meleia was in Berkeley interning at a women’s drop-in center through the Dartmouth Partners in Community Service program. Police in Berkeley are investigating the incident.

On campus, Meleia was planning a double major in Sociology and African American Studies. She was involved in the Afro-American Society, the Dartmouth Alliance for Children of Color, and the Dartmouth College Greens.

Information will be forthcoming about any memorial, ceremony or remembrance which might be planned. The Upperclass Deans Office, the Counseling and Human Development Office at Dick’s House, and the Tucker Foundation are available to support any student affected by this very sad news.


Sylvia T. Langford
Dean of Upperclass Students