David Marmaros is way cool

I emailed Dave earlier today about adding a new feature to his already-cool NetBlitz. Why is it cool? Because it is the fastest way to check BlitMail from a computer without a BlitzMail client, and it offers some neat additions to the official BlitzMail clients.

Anyway, it’s now 4 or 5 hours later and the new feature is already useable. If Dartmouth worked this fast, there would have been an OS X BlitzMail client a year ago.

So, what’s this great new thing? Well, if you use Radio or Amphetadesk, you may never check your email again. Students might still stick with their BlitzMail clients, but I think that administrators, faculty, and alumni will find this to be much more useful than vanilla BlitzMail.

This will be the first substantial addition to the BlitzMail infrastructure since Dartmouth added file attachments. Well, at least since Dartmouth stopped shutting off the servers every night at 3 A.M. to fix them…that was pretty substantial and only five years ago.

If you don’t use Radio, Amphetadesk, or another news aggregator, you should: it’s a waste of time not to. Try Radio for 30 days for free.

Mac users can also try News XPress, but it isn’t as nice as Radio or Amphetadesk.

Somebody could do a lot of neat things with this.

Thanks, Dave.