Daschle to Run? Dems to Donnybrook?

Roll Call is reporting that Tom Daschle is leaning towards running for president, and that Senator Christopher Dodd (CT) is launching a stealthy challenge to the heir presumptive, Senator Harry Reid (NV). This is a two-fer: it seems that Daschle’s seat might be vacated (Thune in 2004?), and it also seems that there may be a bloody battle for Dem leadership.

Other gossip: Ted Kennedy’s Christmas party antics (when he’s sober, at least) include dressing up as Ben Affleck and mocking John Kerry (alas, this has since been cancelled); Jim Jeffords apparently has come out in defense of Trent Lott; and Minnesota’s seatwarmer senator, Dean Barkley, claims that he and basketball player Charles Barkley “have the same size butt.”