Dartwiki Launches

It seems the Hacker Club is the greatest thing about Dartmouth that no one talks about. Not only did they bring back the course guide, they’ve now assisted in the launch of Dartwiki, a new Wiki for all things Dartmouth. It’s pretty sparse at the moment—in fact, it’s been accessed only 993 times as of this writing.

This could be a nice little resource for everyone; freshmen next year won’t have to ask around until they find the answer to whatever question they have (ex., what’s “Milque and Cookies?”). Not that this is the first attempt at such a Wiki.

It’ll be interesting to see how well the wiki’s moderators handle some of the more famous and/or controversial elements of the campus (this publication, for example). The Wikipedia page for The Dartmouth Review had some pretty biased language a while back, which has thankfully been edited out. Still, this could become a staple of Dartmouth life.

Sterling C. Beard