Dartmouth’s “U.S. News” Ranking Drops

It's an unfortunate situation in the 2016 U.S. News rankings.

It’s an unfortunate situation in the 2016 U.S. News college rankings.

In a not-unexpected turn of events, Dartmouth’s U.S. News ranking has taken a nosedive from #11 in 2015 to #12 (tied with Northwestern) in the 2016 edition — the worst ever showing for the College on the Hill. While the worth and methodology of these rankings are questionable, no doubt many parents and students pay heed to them. More worrisome, however, is the fact that the unprecedented poor showing in the U.S. News rankings reinforces a narrative of malaise for the College after several years of controversy, lower application numbers, and poor publicity.

While Dartmouth’s stock in the rankings has declined over the years, it has done as well as #9 as recently as 2011. And in the 1990s, there were numerous years in which the College ranked #7. Perhaps the only piece of good news in the 2016 rankings is that the College’s rating on the “Best Undergraduate Teaching” metric has recovered from #4 to #2. Still, it is a far cry from the halcyon days in which the College would rank #1 year after year in its traditional strength.

U.S. News’ rankings utilize admission statistics that are one year out of date in determining the selectivity of an institution. Thus, the 2016 rankings take into account statistics for the Class of 2018, for which applications decreased 14 percent. The rankings do not, however, include the significantly better admission statistics for the Class of 2019, so there is hope for the College yet in the 2017.

  • Bud Konheim

    Imagine if the College got a reputation for robust student debate about important issues of the day instead of robust physical protests about some students perceived social injustices. If they could get the press to cover that high level intellectual battle in the form of well articulated arguments on both sides, the college would start to separate itself from following the low level physical protests of the street and Missouri University. Maybe then the rankings would reflect the fact that Dartmouth’s students were a little more gifted in the art of free speech and the rankings might start to reflect that leadership.

    • Amanda Childress

      Agreed, but is this more gifted? http://www.campusreform.org/?ID=7034, but this appears to be a complete failure of academic admin/management, maybe it is time to fire Vice Provost for Student Affairs Inge-Lise Ameer. Maybe a good place to start?

  • Dr. J

    Lucky to be that high…pretty much “rank” reflects the Judges’ left bias…I can name ten universities that I would rate above the $65,000 experience at Dartmouth, especially now. Dr. J ’55

    • ccschons

      Which ones?

  • charlieweird

    No wonder… I see contributions falling,, as well as the rankings,
    based on the torrent of racial epithets that can be hurled at White students.. by BLM and other students of colour without consequence… and furthermore the University apologized to them (BLM not the affronted students that is) telling them their protest “was a beautiful thing” and that they will continue to be coddled and encouraged no matter how egregious their behaviour…
    No doubt we will be seeing a lot more racist verbal attacks .. and Im sure assaults will follow.. all in the name of justice.. in the future of Dartmouth,,

    • disqus_Ib23K1SzqT

      As a parent of a white male this concerns me. Dartmouth was on the list as one of the schools that my son could potentially apply to (target school). Would like feedback ASAP as he is finalizing his list.

  • deesee

    Gifted? Gifted for violence, yeah, this is the future businesses want to hire.