Dartmouth’s Dubious Distinction

Scott Johnson at Powerline comments on the UND “Fighting Sioux” controversy, demonstrating how Dartmouth AD Josie Harper’s apology to students has quite possibly set the College apart as one of the most PC schools in liberal academia:

Zach Hafer is a 1999 Dartmouth alum, former member of the hockey team and supporter of Dartmouth athletics. He writes that he is not surprised “that the football team just capped another 2-8 season, given that the AD is spending her time meeting with ‘aggrieved’ students,’ ‘develop[ing] a specific and continuing plan to address issues of respect and tolerance within the athletic department,’ and writing letters of profuse apology.” Yesterday’s Manchester Union-Leader devoted a good editorial to Josie’s letter to the editor. The editorial quotes a UND official:

Don Kojich, executive associate vice president for university relations at North Dakota, referred all questions to the state’s attorney general, but did say that he has never heard of another school publicly apologizing for playing the Fighting Sioux.

Dartmouth has now managed to distinguish itself on the national stage for its political correctness. Adjusted for degree of difficulty, this is an almost unbelievable accomplishment. Surely some kind of award is in order.