Dartmouth University?

Is this sight in Dartmouth’s future?

Soon enough, Dartmouth might have to restructure its list of selling points. After decades of boasting its status as the only “college” in the Ivy League, president-elect Phil Hanlon has recently confirmed discussions among the Board of Trustees to change the name of our school to Dartmouth University. However, before any decisions are made, Hanlon promises to hear feedback on the name change, even though the institution itself already operates as a university. Interim President Carol Folt has expressed her thoughts over the past year that a main reason for our monumental decline in ranking from 7th in the nation twenty years ago to a ranking of 10th in the nation today could be due to Dartmouth’s unwillingness to boost its international reputation by substituting the word University for College in its official name. The College’s dedication to providing an undergraduate focus is what separates it from its peers and makes it the most desirable institution for higher education. Changing the official name to Dartmouth University is likely to generate great concern among students and alumni who fear a transition from emphasis on undergraduate teaching. 


— Hilary H. Hamm