Dartmouth Students Protest for Baltimore

On Friday May 1, approximately 100 Dartmouth students marched in solidarity with the Baltimore riots. The protesters walked from Moore Hall, down Main Street Hanover, to Our Savior Lutheran Church, and then back to the lawn in front of Cutter Shabazz Hall. They carried various signs and chanted the entire way, stopping in front of the Hanover Town Hall, the Lutheran Church, and Cutter Shabazz for stationary chants and speeches. While the Hanover Police Department received no prior information regarding the occurrence of or intended course for the protest, they dutifully protected the protesters and shut down traffic across town.

When The Review asked one anonymous student why he was protesting, he responded, “If this doesn’t make sense to you, ask somebody.” Kevin, a student from Baltimore, spoke of the impact that the size of the protest had on him. Concerning the Hanover Police Force’s handling of the protest, he said, “They are my brothers, they are my sisters, this is my community.” Police Chief Charlie Dennis, speaking with leading protesters after the march had concluded, offered his services to them as an escort for future protests, telling The Review that he “would appreciate them helping us facilitate their First Amendment rights” in the future. With respect to the wave of tension regarding police activities across the country, Chief Dennis stated that, “We need to establish trust within our communities.” The Review filmed the entire protest and invites readers to watch a selection of the footage. The editing attempts to present a representative collection of clips taken from over an hour of footage.

A typical scene from the protests

A typical scene from the protests

  • Neil Donovan

    “Hands up don’t shoot!”- LOL – what a bunch of clowns.

  • Pat Kittle

    Affirmative action gets most of these overfed low-watt losers in the Ivy League.

    And now they’re saying thanks.