Dartmouth Students Not Ready for Hillary

Dartmouth students are not ready,

Dartmouth students are not ready.

The Daily Mail interviewed 50 randomly selected Dartmouth students about Hillary Clinton’s recently launched campaign for President. It seems that Clinton has some work to do, to say the least. Only nine of the interviewed students believed that Clinton would make a good president, and of these nine, seven were unaware of Clinton’s “political baggage,” which includes a quickly lengthening list of liabilities including the Benghazi, State Department email, and Clinton Foundation donation scandals.

A full 22 of the 50 students surveyed conveyed that Clinton’s handling of the deadly attack on the American consulate in Benghazi, Libya is troubling. Cameron Poole ’18 went so far as to say that there is “blood on her hands.” Overall, it seems that Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State is a liability, with her leading the charge on many of President Barack Obama’s foreign policy disasters such as the now-infamous “reset” with Russia.

The students demonstrated the common perception of Clinton as a cold, calculating, power hungry and out of touch politician. Robert Stackhouse ’18 said that “It seems like she wants the job more than she would be good at it.” Her efforts to appear sincere and “of the people” also seem to be floundering, as her extreme wealth and isolation from the concerns of average Americans cause stiff headwinds.

Students also articulated that Clinton should not be elected President just because she is a woman. On the other hand, they said that her age should not matter either.

This past weekend, at the First in the Nation Republican Leadership Summit, U.S. Senator for Kentucky and presidential candidate Rand Paul ripped into Clinton for her baggage and handling of the Benghazi attack. Senator Paul also asserts that Secretary Clinton’s mismanagement of the Benghazi incident precludes her from becoming President.