Dartmouth Professor On Trial for Child Pornography


J. Martin Favor

African and African American Studies Professor Martin Favor has recently signed an “acknowledgement and waiver of rights” in U.S. district court suggesting that he will be changing his plea to guilty for one federal charge of possession of child pornography. The forty-nine-year-old was arrested last September originally on the grounds of five state level charges, when police filed complaints stating that Favor was in possession of videos depicting the sexual abuse of multiple prepubescent children. However, in November, federal authorities took over the case, dropping the five charges for a more robust federal charge warranting a maximum fine of $250,000 or up to ten years in jail.

Authorities were alerted when a sophisticated computer system, which scans the Internet blog site Tumblr, found files previously flagged for child pornography associated with an IP address linked to Favor. Computer science professor Hany Farid helped develop the system, which searches through images comparing them to known images of child exploitation in order to track the post to an individual.

Despite the heinous allegations against him, the College decided to put Favor on paid administrative leave while additionally banning him from college campus for the extent of the case. Diana Lawrence, director for media relations, commented, “We have no reason to believe that the charges he faces have any connection to his employment at Dartmouth; however, we have notified him that he is prohibited from entering Dartmouth property.” As if the Student Assembly Patagonias weren’t an inappropriate use of our tuition, now we are supporting the salary of a possessor of child pornography? In a campus climate extremely sensitive to topics of sexual abuse, it amazes me that the school refuses to link Favor’s twisted preferences with his presence on campus as a professor. The school must be held accountable for its frivolous use of funds, especially in this case of continuing to pay the salary of an accused felon. 

  • Born Skeptic

    Ummm, accused does not mean that he is guilty.

    • Companion

      He waived his rights so what do you think that means?

      • piper60

        It likely means he gave in before his arm was ripped from its socket.
        You may as well credit the verdicts of the People’s Courts who administered Hitler’s vengeance for Von Stauffenberg’s attempted assassination!

      • piper60

        That he probably had an incompetent lawyer!

        • Companion

          A Dartmouth U professor so stupid that he picked an incompetent lawyer…mmm?

    • piper60

      If the chargesarn’t gruesome enough, they can always be augmented!

    • J. Effingham Bellweather

      In our criminal justice system the mere accusation of child porn possession confers de facto guilt to the accused. Even the exonerated will find it very very difficult to undo the personal and professional damage caused by criminal charges.

  • piper60

    Punishing someone for being accused was the heart and soul of the Salem Witch-hunt hysteria.The “child pornography statues were crafted by an anti-porn administration who wants to find a way to “get’peoplewho looked at or read thing the suits didn’t like.So they made possession’s child pornography a career-destroying crimeand found various ways to get child porn into the possession of designated victimsso they get warrants to smash down hisser-and constitutional rights, “fnd”theplanted “evidence’and then destroy the victim with public announcements. for nearly a decade, the Federal government was the largist creator sand distributors of child porn in the country!Guilt consists of much more than accusation and entrapment is properly a defense against government whooped witch hunts.

    • Companion

      Possession of child porn should be a career-destroying crime. It sounds like that software might find something on your computer.

      • piper60

        Challenging the “evidence in the Court of Oyer and Trminerwas also considered proof of likely guiltyin1690’s Salem. The alleged ‘proof”isn’t ferreted out by a search engine, but by seizing target’s computers to be examined by government gum-shoes at their leisure. It isn’t surprising that they always manage to find what the Boss wants them to!

      • piper60

        If the authoritarians want to find something badly enough-they will. And then publicize it: Professor X was “found”to have child pornography on his computer! Off with hisHead!The first step in stopping a witch hunt is to stop taking accusation as proof!

        • Companion

          Yes indeed, Off with his head. Once you guys have your own totalitarian version of the world in charge there will only be witches so the hunt will be over!

        • Companion

          If someone wants to find something bad enough? Let’s see, how does that work? My neighbor just killed his wife and kids and I definitely want to do something about it in a bad way. Yes, off with his head! Now you can go back and enjoy whatever it is that you enjoy but watch out for the witches.

        • Otis Criblecoblis

          Accusation is enough to destroy a person’s life and livelihood.

  • matt10023

    I have no idea what really happened with Favor, but the internet is full of landmines when it comes to this stuff.

    A mistypes search phrase or URL can bring people to places where they had no intention of going and then bada-bing – you have career destroying material transmitted to your computer.

    It may seem far fetched, but anti-child porn laws have been used against teens taking and transmitting photos of themselves to same-aged romantic partners. You see, it’s legal for them to have sex with, but not not to send a semi-nude photograph to that partner.

    I have no doubt that the toxicity of this material is so great that even accidental contact is fatal. IP address logged – and you’re done.

    • Mike James

      Adult porn pops up when you don’t expect it, but child porn doesn’t. He also plead guilty to the charges.

  • Roch Yang

    He’s an immigrant, isn’t he? If so, he’d be deported without doing gaol time, yes?

    • Pranay Sherke

      My dear friend, please grow up above and beyond simplistic labels. One of the most active members of the DR is also an immigrant, Dinesh D’Souza. Cheers.

      • Roch Yang

        I’d debate you anywhere in the world on any subject, so refrain from making hasty conclusions about me, Missy. And clean that curry-stained shirt of yours at once!

        Mister D’Souza isn’t a criminal. Sure, he asked two of his acquaintances to give money directly, as opposed to via a PAC, to a female who was running for Senate in New York State. Those 2 acquaintances each gave 10k.

        D’Souza was personally set-up by Obummer to be railroaded into a San Diego Detention Centre because Obummer, who’d received tens of millions of dollars directly in political contributions and wasn’t punished just like the Clintons who did the same shit, was pissed off at him for his less-than-flattering biography and film about him, and both of them made mega bucks. Obum arranged for Dinesh’s case to be heard by the Federal Justice appointed by Obummer for giving him thousands and thousands in contributions. To date, Dinesh is the only person EVER sentenced for the same shit the Clintons, Obummer, and others have done repeatedly and in way, way, way, way, way larger ways. Malfeasance, miscarriage of justice, lies, and other African-Style Corruption is the title awarded by many of you immigrants to the West to that Obummer fraud.

        • Pranay Sherke

          Dear Roch Yang,

          Thank you for your reply. Although, I believe there has been a severe misunderstanding between us.

          I took your comment to mean that you think simply because this individual is an immigrant, hence he is a criminal.

          So, I am sorry I deciphered that you meant that immigrants are the problem; hence I said “labels”. What I wanted to say is that D’Souza is one of the legacy members of DR (Dartmouth Review). That’s all.


          • Roch Yang

            Dinesh D’Sousa is a wonderful man. USA is lucky to have him here. Hopefully, USA would be blessed with fifty millions who are exactly like Mister D’Sousa!

            Thank you kindly for your reply to my letter.


            I am,

            Yang Min Ho

  • piper60

    Ever since Dick Nixon and Ed Meese talked the Democrats into giving them the power to ruin people for possession of “child pornography” One of the principle producers and distributors of it has been the federal Government, who need only raid a target’s house just after the mail has been delivered to prove ‘possession”of child porn the feds sent him!