Dartmouth Investment Group Thrives

The Dartmouth Investment in Philanthropy Program (DIPP) finished the 2010 year by earning a 20% net gain in their portfolio. This drastically outpaced the 12.8% average gain in the S&P 500 Index. With their profits, DIPP was able to distribute $5000 to three philanthropic groups on campus: Dartmouth Habitat for Humanity, Dartmouth Global Leadership Program, and People Right Choice. 

The student-run program was founded in 2007, just before the market crash. Since that time, despite a bit of uneasiness, it has grown to over 50 members from all grades, all of whom have different levels of experience in investing. The program provides participants with the unparalleled opportunity to not only develop an analytic sense of the stock market, but also to further philanthropic causes on campus.

DIPP’s success deserves praise. Investment groups need to advertise the fact that profits can be used for good. Maybe eventually, through progress like this, they can confidently separate the blind association of “investment banking” with “greed.” 

–David Eads