Dartmouth Hosts GOP Debate

On October 11th, Bloomberg News and The Washington Post will join at Dartmouth College to host a Republican presidential candidate debate. The debate will be focused on economic issues, including jobs, deficits and taxes. The debate will be broadcasted both globally over the internet at washingtonpostlive.com as well as statewide by WBIN, the New Hampshire television station. 

According to Bloomberg News, “The Bloomberg-Washington Post debate will be the first of the 2012 campaign devoted to the single subject of the U.S. economy. Three years after the most severe downturn in the economy since the Great Depression, the candidates will debate over federal spending, deficits and debt, Social Security, Medicare, financial regulatory reform, taxes and the top issue in national polls: jobs.”

This event will be a great opportunity for Dartmouth students and a chance to see how the Republican candidates differ in their approach to the economy.


This photo of Senator Barack Obama was taken at the last presidential debate held at the College in September of 2007. 

–Dave Rufful