Dartmouth ’16 goes YouTube viral

Sporting a dazzling rainbow pair of mesh shorts, an unbuttoned Henley, and a pair of Apple’s standard white headphones, Dartmouth’s Jacob Gaba ’16 is the star and creator of the now viral YouTube video titled, quite tellingly, “Guy Dances Across China in 100 Days”.


Gaba is seen dancing to Bruno Mars’ Treasure with myriad backdrop scenes depicting the daily life and culture of China. And indeed, Gaba is seen dancing with Chinese laymen, terracotta soldiers, and panda bears in front of monuments like the Forbidden Palace all while the viewer is serenaded by Mars’ melodic voice affirming “you are my treasure”.

Gaba’s work behind the viral video is admirable. He not only lugged around a tripod and cameria throughout China during his Chinese LSA to film his dance scenes, but he also somehow absorbed the unbearable amount of chagrin most people would feel being a Caucasian foreigner dancing in rainbow shorts in conservative China, of all places. Furthermore, an article published by Dartmouth Now notes that Gaba spent 15 hours editing his original recordings.

But as with pretty much every entertaining and viral-status worthy video, Gaba’s “Guy Dances Across China in 100 Days” is the subject of a barrage of negative comments and opinions. Some YouTube comments charge Gaba with offenses such as being culturally insensitive. Other commentators have made broad statements criticizing the stupidity of making flamboyant videos for mere internet fame. But we at The Dartmouth Review believe that the only YouTube comments really deserving of any actual consideration are those inquiring about the real issue here: Gaba wearing the same shirt and shorts for 100 straight days.

Kush S. Desai

  • Teresa Everett

    Gaba's video made me smile. How could it not make YOU smile?!