Dartlog Contest (of sorts)

In honor of the Blabberforce/Buzzflood’s recent woes, I’d like to announce a Dartlog-wide contest for the best future absurd Buzzflood headline. No prizes, just the pride of knowing you’re the best at something.

I’m thinking along the lines of:

“Presidential Candidate Robert Haines Visits Campus”
“Dartmouth Student Receives Citation from Hanover Police”
“We have a letter from Robert Frost that you don’t have”

But I’m sure our readers can think of some better ones. So please, have at it.

  • Anonymous

    Here’s some:

    “Class of 2009 Is the Youngest Class Ever”

    “Buzzflood Members’ Noses Bleached; Had Been Brown”

    “Dartmouth’s Ties to the S&L Scandals”

    “First Asian Studies-Physics Double Major Ever to Live at 1722 Elm Street in Dubuke Is a Dartmouth Graduate”

    “Dartmouth Gets More Snow Than Other Ivies”

    “Dartmouth Grad Has Two Kids, House”

    “Freshman Studies, Gets ‘A’ on Midterm”

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/11313323609869074677 Nick Desai

    “Dartmouth Grad Helps AIDS”

  • Anonymous

    “For Just Pennies A Day, Dartmouth Grad Feeds Starving Third-World Child”

  • Anonymous

    “Dartmouth Grad Fights To End Women’s Suffrage”

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/07566232177807282705 Mike Lorrey

    “Dartmouth Food Svcs Employee, 64, Earns Degree After 35 Years of Study, Retires”

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/06067824629200437480 Kale

    “Dartmouth grad wins fourth annual Pecos Bill Rootin’-Tootin’ Chili Cook-off”

  • Anonymous

    “Dartmouth the oldest Ivy League School in New Hampshire”