Daily D errata redux

After my original post on the many errors in the Daily D‘s article on the history of the College, some web editor went back and made (unacknowledged and unnoted) edits to the original piece.

Yet s/he still didn’t get them all correct. Animal House still has the wrong release date (it should be 1978), Samson Occom is still misidentified as Samuel Occum, and the Dartmouth College Case is still given the incorrect date of 1816.


EDIT: Here is the cached, unedited version of the article.

Also, another error, Edward Tuck was a member of the class of 1862, not the class of 1835.

Interestingly, the Daily D seems to have a long-standing problem with College history. This article from 2000, contains much of the same information as the present version, and also contains many of the same errors. A cursory scan reveals at least seven–see if you can spot them.