Culbert’s Replacement Found

Joe Malchow is reporting that a replacement for Sheila Culbert has already been found:

Holding forth on its specious view that the problem is the medium, not the message, Dartmouth College has just hired a seasoned public relations expert as its Vice President for Communications, a job held by Bill Walker until the constitution was defeated and by Sheila Culbert until she elected to leave the administration to run a preparatory school.

Diana Pearson, who formerly worked for TIME, Newsweek, and most recently for Martha Stewart Omnimedia, will be anointed the doyenne of 7 Lebanon Street in March of this year. She will oversee the College’s public relations efforts, which at the moment are focused on the court case regarding democracy and parity on the Board of Trustees, James Wright’s legacy, the upcoming Association of Alumni election, the presidential search, and several other matters.

Culbert was Wright’s right hand until she left in mid-December to become the head of the Loomis Chaffee School in Connecticut.

UPDATE: The College has just released their press release here.